Tropical coworking space Goa

Welcome to tropical co-working in Goa. The tiny state on the west coast, 500 km south of Mumbai. A light version of India, with a truly international crowd. Most known for sea, sand, sun and fun. But it is more to it. Goa also has a noticed emerging startup scene, even a small Nordic business community.


If you want to prioritize quality of life, and combine it with some serious work, the infrastructure and environment is critical. We think you will find Nordic Hub in Goa to be the right choice.

Come down for a week, stay for the winter or move in with us permanently

  • Part time co-working space
  • Full time fixed desk or co-working space
  • One-week packages
  • Virtual office!

This is what you get

  • An international community & network in Goa
  • Exclusive access to NIH events and partner events in Goa
  • Access to meeting facilities at preferential rates
  • High-speed Internet
  • Multi-functional printers

Make sure you plan your visit to Delhi, Mumbai and Goa accordingly. We look forward to see you.