25 May 2020

An opportunity to invest in Dugnad.ai, an AI platform for social good


Optimizing human resources has always been a problem for Non-profit organizations. Underutilisation of technology and large scale operational efficiencies often result in the unmet impact potential for the entire social sector. Some of the most common challenges faced are ineffective communication with volunteers, volunteer engagement, tracking weaknesses and strengths, and integrating all the stakeholders for decentralized decision making. Increasing lack of operational transparency and decreasing volunteer engagement levels is becoming a major roadblock for impact generation.


Dugnad.ai, project management, and impact assessment system powered by AI and social network insights, provides a space for organization and collaboration for organizations where volunteers play a key part. From organizing the next beach clean-up to managing your donor payments, Dugnad allows you to simultaneously coordinate employees and volunteers for every activity and event, on one easy platform. Founded with a vision to build sustainable communities that are connected, resilient, and inclusive, Dugnad.ai is set to transform the way non-profits operate. From creating new projects to micro-managing teams and volunteers, the platform provides a very pleasant user experience. Built on cloud and open source technologies, it provides users with global access and a secured framework for operations. We recently took a demo of their latest update and loved it. One of the most exciting features is impact assessment, this allows organizations to assess the impact of their interventions keeping a check on the funds, time, and resources invested.


The startup, founded in 2017 by Geir Falkenberg, is headquartered in Oslo with their in-house product development team in Mumbai. With its diverse team operating in Norway and India, the platform is all set for pivoting, in partnership with Youcanfreeus Foundation and FIT4 in Norway. 


Talking about the market size, there are about 10 Million Non-profits registered worldwide, with 3.3 million in India alone. India’s CSR spending in 2018 was around USD 11B, with Norway spending USD 8.6B in the annual voluntary sector. Thus, there is a huge scaling potential for Dugnad.ai, especially in the areas of Health & Wellness and Environment Conservation. Since both these areas have consistent regular activities and require a large scale of community participation.


With three pilots in the pipeline for generating proof of concept, Dugnad.ai is actively seeking investors for further product development and customer acquisition. The startup is looking for an investment of $220K with a valuation of  $1.1 million. Dugnad.ai is looking for long term partnerships with strategic impact investors who value social and environmental benefits. We strongly believe that this is a great opportunity for investors investing in businesses with purpose. The product seems to capture the market transitions and definitely has the potential to emerge as a winner, considering the expected rise in the non-profit sector post-COVID-19 crisis.

To know more, please reach out to team@nordichub.in.