24 June 2020

Atal Innovation Mission – Indian Government’s initiative focusing on innovation and entrepreneurship


Atal Innovation Mission (AIM) is the Indian Government’s main initiative focusing on innovation and entrepreneurship.  AIM target developing programs and policies for startups in different sectors, provide platform’s for development, and help stakeholders collaborate.

AIM per today has six areas of focus:

  • Atal Tinkering Labs, creating problem-solving mindset across schools in India.
  • Atal Incubation Centers, fostering world-class startups and adding a new dimension to the incubator model.
  • Atal New India Challenges, fostering product innovations, and aligning them to the needs of various sectors/ministries.
  • Mentor India Campaign, a national Mentor network in collaboration with the public sector, corporates, and institutions, to support all the initiatives of the mission.
  • Atal Community Innovation Center- To stimulate community-centric innovation and ideas in the unserved /underserved regions of the country including Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities.
  • ARISE-To stimulates innovation and research in the MSME industry.


For startups, focus area 2, 3, and 6 is probably the most interesting.

Atal Incubation center is thought to help innovative start-up businesses in their pursuit to become scalable and sustainable enterprises. The AICs would create world-class incubation facilities across India with good physical infrastructure in terms of capital equipment and operating facilities. It would also include the availability of sectoral experts for mentoring the start-ups, business planning support, access to seed capital, industry partners, training, and other relevant components required for creating innovative start-ups.


The Atal New India Challenge aims to address the problematic commercialization stage, in which innovators are unable to access resources for piloting, testing, and market creation. A total of 24 challenges are launched in partnership with five different ministries and departments of the central government. (http://aim.gov.in/atal-new-india-challenge.php)


The scope of the program extends to developing an institutional mechanism and structure to channel potential innovative ideas for products and technologies from Startups or along with R&D organizations, academic institutions, and individual innovators


Atal Research & Innovation for Small Enterprises (ARISE) is an initiative to promote research, innovation, and competitiveness of Indian startups and small enterprises. The program’s objective is to catalyze research, innovation, find solutions to the sectoral problems, and subsequently trigger the creation of new industrial sectors. This is done through the support of Central Government Ministries / Departments, who will become the first buyer of the solutions/products innovated under the ARISE program by start-ups and small enterprises.