6 December 2018

Hampus Olsson -making grand Swedish design from India

Speaker at the Nordic Meetup in Mumbai, Hampus Olsson -has made waves in the designing sphere. Most popular for designing the OnePlus 2’s wallpapers, Hampus is also the founder of Spacetofu in Hong Kong and co-founder of GrandWorks in India. He has been making websites and pixels from the age of eight. He has worked with Spotify, OnePlus, Gant, UpCloud, Dalberg and IndiaStack, to name a few.


Written by: Shalaka Mainkar

Hampus Olsson was one of the speakers on our Nordic Startup Evening 1st November. He covered his work, clients and India journey. A project that his company GrandWorks is working on at the moment is Swedish Design, a blog interviewing great Swedish designers.

They’re also making headway on the design for another project called Digital Sky, which is the official website to register and handle drones in India. Since this will be a government website, GrandWork’s efforts are geared towards making the site understandable and easy to use.

Mr. Olsson also spoke about his creations for OnePlus (a premium smartphone company with a 30% market share in India), which include wallpapers and UI illustrations that are featured in the OnePlus smartphones and that many would cite as Mr. Olsson’s magnum opus.

Hampus Olsson is running two companies and says that running his own business was something he always wanted to do. While primarily a designer and an artist, he aspired to have his own company to be able to build his own products and to decide how things would be managed.

His company Spacetofu is based in Hong Kong while GrandWorks is based in India, and the experience so far, says Mr. Olsson has been great. They have on their roster clients that constantly have them innovating.

Words of wisdom for aspiring entrepreneurs

Mr. Olsson says that India is a huge market, what with the growing number of internet users throughout the country. This all points towards businesses skyrocketing in the coming years making India an extremely lucrative market for startups. Given that he has been in the game for so long, he has one piece of advice for startups

– “I feel like it’s a trendy thing in India right now for young people to do their own startup right after college. While I understand that this is quite tempting, I feel that it’s better to gain experience from working for a good employer for a few years before starting your own thing, to learn how the business works and to learn from others’ mistakes. Building a side project on your time off work is a great way to dive into the life of an entrepreneur while making sure you can survive doing it, and to learn from your mistakes before they matter too much.”

When asked about his experience speaking at the Nordic Startup Evening Mr. Olsson said, “It felt great to speak in front of so many interesting people, to network and to connect with other great entrepreneurs!”