6 May 2019

Join us at Innofrugal in Helsinki

Our Smart Village team is present at the 5th annual impact investing & frugal innovation conference in Helsinki -to promote our Smart Village program. On the 8. May we will announce the 2019 challenges from the main stage. You are welcome to contribute to co-innovate to solve rural challenges that come hand in hand with massive business opportunities.

  • 250+ attendees
  • 40+ speakers
  • 100+ investors and startups

Delivering Impact by engaging investors, public & private sector along with other non-profits to respond to limitations in resources and turn these constraints into innovative ideas and quality, accessible, affordable & sustainable solutions for realizing the UN SDGs.

Topics this year include impact investing, social impact innovations, circular economy, mobility, healthcare, education, enterprise IT, smart cities & villages.

Go to the INNOFRUGAL website

Our “Smart Village program” consist of the “Business Plan Competition” for ideas and the “Smart Village Accelerator” for existing solutions. The challenges we will try to solve is announced on the 8. May from the stage at the Innofrugal conference. We will publish information on our website at the same time.

Let us know if you are in Helsinki 7.-8. May and want to meet.
Send a mail to team@nordichub.in or sms to +4797025025