8 May 2020

We have teamed up with Innofrugal, Finland. See you in Helsinki 15. September


Nordic Hub India is happy to partner with Innofrugal ry for the 6th annual Innofrugal conference focused at building a frugal innovation and impact investing ecosystem in the Nordics. We’ve partnered with Innofrugal to promote Nordic innovations and explore impact investments for our partnering high impact Nordic companies, invested to enter into Indian market. This one-of-a-kind 2 day conference will be held in Helsinki from 15th – 16th September, 2020. Registrations are now open, you can avail your tickets here.

InnoFrugal is a registered non-profit in Finland operating since 2014, with a vision to encourage businesses to respond to limitations in resources; whether financial, material or institutional, and turn these constraints into innovative ideas and sustainable, affordable solutions called Frugal Innovations. It’s mission is to help reduce inequality via sustainable economic growth. It is a platform that provides timely knowledge, networks, frameworks and partnerships, in the broad field of Frugal Innovation, to policy makers, businesses and organizations in the public and private sector in Europe and Emerging Markets.

Run by  a very diverse team of 4, Innofrugal support initiatives and projects that:


  • Advance creation of quality, affordable, accessible and sustainable solutions by working with Entrepreneurs, SMEs, Big Businesses and Policy Makers by advancing the knowledge available in the field, and/or creating useful outputs in the form of tools, methodologies, or programs that can be further used by the field of Frugal Innovations


  • Advance the ability of Frugal Innovation practices, examples, innovations, etc. to be used in the public domain by citizens, governments, and the public at large via Circular economy, Sharing economy, Open innovation, Inclusive business, Social entrepreneurship, DIY/Maker Movement, Impact Investing and Co-creation processes.


  • InnoFrugal conference: A truly one-of-a-kind 2 day annual conference to co-create a Frugal Innovation and impact investing ecosystem in the Nordics bringing together public sector, private sector and civil society organisations. This event has been organized for the past 5 years annually since Spring 2015 in Helsinki. Local editions are also co-organized in the UK and Germany. InnoFrugal UK is co-organised with University of Cambridge Judge Business School & Ignitho Technologies. InnoFrugal DE (Germany) co-organised with Fraunhofer IAO, FpF e.V., Fraunhofer IPA, and TAE


  • Frugal Innovation workshops: Workshops on Frugal Innovation ideation, strategy and business modelling leveraging processes like Circular Economy, DIY, Open Innovation, Social Enterprises, Lean Methodology, BioDesign etc


  • Impact investing matchmaking: Facilitate matchmaking between startups, non-profits and impact funds across the world to help create frugal solutions that target the UN SDGs



To know more about Innofrugal, please click here.