1 December 2018

Life Science Accelerator in the making

Medical technology innovation is booming and startup numbers are all time high. The partners iNANOD (Oslo) and WayInia Life Science (Delhi) has signed an MOU with NHI to establish and manage a Life Science program under the framework of Nordic Hub India.


iNANOD, a company in Oslo Cancer Cluster, bring to the table knowledge from the inside of the biotech startup ecosystem in Norway. On the other hand, WaiInia Life Science offer a huge network of potential clients, partners and service organizations as well as decades of experience in distribution across Indias major cities.

Nordic Hub Indias main role is to facilitate the co-creation and management of the program, and also to involve relevant stakeholders in research, funding, government and industry.

The partners are working on mapping the nordic ecosystem and counterparts in the Indian market and aim at launching the program early 2019.

Get in touch with us if you want to partner up with us on this or want to be kept updated on the opportunities.