23 June 2019

Meet Mr. Shravan Shroff, co-founder of India’s first angel-backed accelerator

Our partner member Oslo International Hub is organizing an event featuring a special guest from Mumbai: Mr. Shravan Shroff, the Co-Founder of India’s first angel-backed accelerator, VentureNursery.


Shravan Shroff is visiting pur partner member Oslo International Hub´s event on the 23. June. He will share his experience. Click here for more info on the event.

About Mr. Shroff

Successfully started up a chain of cinemas from scratch, with single screens, moved onto Multiplexes, raised PE money (India Value Fund), IPOed (2005) and exited the business, by way of a strategic sale to Inox Leisure (Fame Cinemas). He is an active Angel Investor in India, with over 50 investments, notable investments being Oyo Rooms, Talview, The Home Salon, Seek Sherpa, Fixy, Klip, Invenzone. He is co founder of Venture Nursery LLP, Indias first angel backed accelerator, and an active Investor in Emerging Markets of Mynamar, Sri Lanka, both in public and private markets.