16 September 2019

Are you in Goa during “Vibrant Goa 2019”?

Let is know if you are in Goa during Vibrant Goa 2019. We will invite you for a visit to our coworking space and to join us for a drink to catch up.

The prime focus of Vibrant Goa Global Expo and Summit 2019 is inclusive development in key areas such as innovation, sustainability, industries, technology, youth and skill development, knowledge sharing and networking.


Goa is emerging as a startup destination -and is one of our 3 hubs in India.
Our mission is to connect Nordic and Indian startups, business angels and corporates/government. It all starts by the right people meeting.
Email to team@nordichub.in
SMS to +91 9579091181
We look forward to hear from you and see you in Goa.