29 April 2020

Webinar – Building Sustainable Businesses Creating Long Lasting Impact and Livelihood Opportunities


India has always been seen as a land of art, culture and creativity. The origin of Indian art can be traced to pre-historic settlements in the 3rd millennium BC. Known for its diversity, In spite of complex mixture of religious traditions, generally, the prevailing artistic style at any time and place has been shared by the major religious groups. In India, crafts always received royal and aristocratic patronage, artists were one of the most respected in the society but they have slowly lost relevance, as India moved towards industrialization. Over the past few years, the number of Indian artisans has decreased by 30% and the vast majority of artisans operate in informal work settings.


Despite of the changing scenario, Artisans tend to serve as the backbone of India’s non-farm rural economy, engaged in craft production to earn a livelihood. However, propelled by loss of markets, rapid industrialization, technological disruption, declining skills and difficulty catering to new markets, the number of Indian artisans has been rapidly decreasing. Crafting a Livelihood calls for re-investment in India’s artisans to safeguard history, culture and an important source of livelihood. Investing in the crafts sector offers tremendous opportunity to improve the economic, environmental and social conditions of rural communities, by tapping into the global market, the environmental benefit of low polluting industries, and the economic and social empowerment of many rural households.


Artizen, an initiative by Nordic Hub India is aimed at reviving the unorganised and declining artistic industry in India, connecting rural artisans to global markets. We’re building an ecosystem to build sustainable livelihoods for millions of artisans involved in art & crafts, weaving and small scale manufacturing of artistic goods. Based on the principles of open innovation and co-innovation, our digital platform brings together stakeholders (Artisans, Businesses, Academia & Investors) in no time, co-creating value for everyone. We strongly support that in order to create a long lasting impact, it needs to have a sustainable business model, thus our initiative focus at building sustainable businesses for involved stakeholders.


Our Initiative has received a tremendous response from our partners and we’ve been growing as a community. As we believe in value co-creation and knowledge-sharing, we’re happy to announce our first webinar on our Artizen initiative to talk about our vision, status and next steps. We want to use this opportunity to open doors for collaborations and welcome stakeholders sharing our vision of impacting  lives of millions.


Please find the details for our webinar:

Link: https://whereby.com/nordichubindia

Date: 07/05/2020 (Thursday)

Time: 12:30 CET


Please feel free to contact us in case of any query (arun@nordichub.in).

We look forward to sharing our vision and welcoming you to our family!