Smart Village Program

Solving challenges in rural India with new digital portals

Based on open innovation principles we will co-create 3 totally new digital portals with the potential to solve 3 defined challenges in village-India. We engage with people in startups, industry, government and academia -for a series of business plan hackathon sessions in the Nordics, India and as online sessions -to brainstorm and refine the ideas and concepts of the new digital portals/business plans.

The challenges is defined by our main partner in India, the smart village team of UC Berkeley Haas and the hackathons are organized by Nordic Hub India.

Our investment partners has funded in total 2000 hours design and development of 3 MVP ‘s (first working versions of each of the digital solutions) to be piloted. According to complexity the resources will be distributed on the 3 solutions. Everyone that contribute. With either ideas or participate in the hackathons to refine the concepts, is offered shares in the portal companies that will be established.

Distribution of shares in the companies:
-33,33 %: persons/companies that has participated with ideas or in the hackathons (distribution based on efforts)
-33,33 %: Investors funding the development of the first versions of the portals
-33,33 %: will be offered to investors -post development- to fund the companies operations the first 6 months and potentially further development. The valuation will be set based on potential of the concepts and portal.