The Smart Village Business Model Hackathon

Goa, India 14.-15. November 2019.

We come together in Goa to continue to brainstorm on the business model ideas that our community has worked on since early this year. The mission is to solve challenges in Indian villages with totally new internet platform concepts. The concepts will be piloted in villages in India by the Smart Village team of UC Berkeley Haas, that is our main partner.

The main challenge we will work on in our Goa Hackathon is a portal effectively connecting rural artisans with global markets, which is not as easy as it sounds. That´s the challenge and that is also the massive business opportunity, with a triple bottom line.

Do you want to join?

If you think your contribution can make a difference, please get in touch with us to discuss. There are many ways you can contribute. Email:

The main mission of the Goa session: create a platform business model to connect artisans in rural India with global markets

Yes, there are various other initiatives on this, but slight adjustment of well-known ecommerce models will never solve this challenge. We have to do a lot more than giving the artisans access to a digital storefront and top it with some services. Totally new thinking is required. A business model not yet seen is the only acceptable outcome of our Goa session.

We will meet for sessions at different locations in and around Panjim 14.-15. November 2019.

You should preferably stay not too far from Panjim. We can suggest places to fit any budget.

There is no participation fee. All participators cover their own cost for travel and accommodation. Everyone contributing is paid with equity. (invited to become co-founders/owners in the companies founded)

Follow our Facebook page to see how we are doing and contribute with your ideas and comments.



We have identified pain-points in rural India, where new age solutions potentially can make a huge impact. The challenge comes hand-in-hand with massive business opportunities.