Smart Village Hackathons

Based on open innovation principles we will co-create 3 totally new internet platforms with the potential to solve defined challenges in Indian villages. We engage with startups, business angels, industry, government and academia – for a series of business plan hackathon sessions in the Nordics, India and online sessions.

The challenges are defined by our main partner in India, the smart village team of UC Berkeley Haas and the hackathons are organized by Nordic Hub India. Business Angels in our network has financed design and development of 3 prototypes or MVP ‘s (first working versions of the platforms). Everyone that contribute with either ideas, participate to refine the concepts or execute practical work -is given shares in the portal companies that will be established.

Distribution of shares in the startups that will be established:

-33,33 %: persons/companies that has participated in the hackathons (distribution based on efforts)
-33,33 %: Investors funding the development of the first versions of the portals
-33,33 %: will be offered to investors post development, to fund the company’s operations the first months and potentially further development. The valuation will be set based on potential of the concepts and portal.

Do you want to engage in the program or individual hackathons?

We don´t know the answers, so we need your creativity and unique ideas to take the solutions forward. Join the team and become co-founder of a portal startup with a triple bottom line. Send a mail to us on now!

Follow us as things develop. You can even contribute with comments and ideas online.

Our last Business Model Hackathon was in Goa, India on the 14.-15. November 2019.



We have identified pain-points in rural India, where new age solutions potentially can make a huge impact. The challenge comes hand-in-hand with massive business opportunities.